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Winter Is Termite Bait Season In Annapolis

Hordes of termites building their nest in the forestIn Maryland, the most common type of termite is the eastern subterranean termite. Just like ants, this species lives in underground colonies, but unlike ants, they forage for their food (dead trees) by burrowing out from their nest. Ants need to wander around the surface since they scavenge food from all different sources, but since termites only need tree cellulose they can survive for a long time after finding just one fallen branch or rotting stump.

Because of this, cold weather doesn’t stop termites in their tracks. Between the fact that they live underground and they don’t need to explore the surface, termites can continue to travel along their tunnels and gather more of the wood they need to survive. The cold does slow termites down, at least, but ultimately that means they’re harder to spot since fewer termites leave fewer traces behind.

However, winter can also be helpful to people trying to perform termite control in Annapolis. The cold keeps termites from wandering too far away from their colonies, and so it’s easier to figure out where those colonies are when you do spot traces.

It also means that you can use termite bait more effectively. Termite bait is wood pieces soaked in a special slow-acting poison that can spread to the termite queen and the rest of the colony when worker termites bring it back home, and termites are more likely to take the bait when they have fewer alternatives. This is especially helpful in a city like Annapolis, since many homes and buildings are too close to the water for the usual chemical barrier spray to be effective.

Since termite control in Annapolis often involves bait instead of chemical barriers, winter is the perfect time to treat your Annapolis property for termites. The inspection process will need to be more thorough, but with professional assistance from a company like Bugout Termite and Pest Control, you can find and remove termite problems in a single season.

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