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Will A Cold Winter Result In Fewer Summer Mosquitos?

Will A Cold Winter Result In Fewer Summer Mosquitos?With freezing temperatures and snow in the area, it’s easy to think that pests would not be a big problem. Mild winters generally can cause a rise in pest populations, but colder temperatures do not necessarily result in reduced pest populations. This is especially true when it comes to summer pests like mosquitos. Even with winter events like bomb-cyclones, mosquitos will still be a problem this upcoming summer.


Surviving The Winter


Mosquitos have become accustomed to cold weather, which makes surviving the winter a piece of cake. In fact, some species of mosquitos can even be found in cold-weather climates like Alaska and the Arctic. Furthermore, certain mosquito species even have a biological antifreeze agent in their systems that makes it even easier to survive the winter.

Mosquitos also have the ability to go through diapause, which is similar to hibernation. In diapause, a mosquito’s metabolism slows down when the weather cools. Mosquitos can remain in diapause until warmer weather returns. Diapause typically sets in around 60 degrees, when mosquitos begin to become lethargic. Around 50 degrees, mosquitos lose the ability to function. This is the main reason why mosquitos are not a rampant threat in the winter. But, they’ll be out in full force once the weather warms again.

Additionally, mosquito eggs have been well-conditioned to survive freezing temperatures. The only effect that freezing temperatures could have is that mosquitos emerge later than normal. But mosquito population numbers should not be affected by the cold. Mosquito eggs will hatch on a warm wet day, typically in late spring. The eggs will do everything to wait for this day to come. Some mosquito eggs have remained dormant for several years before hatching.


Manage Your Mosquito Infestations


Mosquitos can easily disrupt your summer plans. Whether you are hanging out by your pool or hosting a family barbeque, having an annoying mosquito infestation in your backyard can quickly ruin the day. Be sure to contact BugOut to get rid of your mosquito infestations.

The best way to prevent a mosquito infestation is by allowing us to evaluate your property now. Our team of experienced technicians can identify areas where mosquito eggs lay and can eliminate mosquito eggs before they have the chance to hatch when the weather warms.

If mosquito infestations are still rampant in your backyard during the summer, we can help with that as well. BugOut technicians will prove to be significantly more effective at eliminating mosquito populations than any trap or bait you would find at your local hardware or gardening store, ensuring that you’ll be able to enjoy your backyard without being bitten.

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