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Why You Want to Keep Flies Off Your Food

Why You Want to Keep Flies Off Your FoodFlies are definitely a nuisance and are a pest you don’t want to have flying around the home, but were you also aware that they carry several different kinds of bacteria as well? For this reason, fly control is necessary especially in areas that have food.

Why Flies Can Harm Your Health

Flies are disgusting to put it simply, and they are known for eating many gross foods like feces, rotting animals, and garbage. They also can’t chew so for them to be able to eat, they have to spit up enzymes onto their food so that their food dissolves enough for them to slurp it up. Is that really something you want landing on your food?

Flies pick up so many germs and bacteria and can easily pass pathogens onto humans. These bacteria and viruses can affect our food sources and can make us sick; this is especially true of those who already have weakened immune systems. So needless to say, it is imperative that you keep the flies away.

Keeping Flies Away While Outdoors

If you love to have picnics outside, then you probably already know how bad the flies can get while you are out there trying to enjoy yourself. The following are just a few ways you can keep them away:

Eliminate Breeding Grounds: flies love decaying fruit and vegetables so if you have a compost pile or your garbage cans close to the home, you will want to be sure you are emptying the bins regularly.

Use Fans: believe it or not, flies can fly as well when there is a lot of wind; therefore, using fans in outdoor areas can help keep them away.

Cover Your Drinks: flies also love sugary and sweet treats as well as things containing yeast. Make sure to cover your drinks including soda, beer, and wine while outside and if possible, you can use a lid and straw. If anything spills, wipe up the mess immediately.

Keeping Flies Out of the Home

Herbs like basil, lavender, and mint all deter flies because they hate the fragrant aroma of these particular herbs. Planting these herbs yourself in a pot and keeping it by doors and windows can effectively help keep the flies out of your home.

If you need a bit more help keeping the flies away, call us at BugOut today so we can go over all your pest control options.

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