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Why Is My Basement Full Of Cobwebs?

Why Is My Basement Full Of Cobwebs?Cobwebs are a classic sign that nobody has been around for a while, especially not to clean anything. It can sometimes feel like cobwebs appear automatically with time, but that’s far from being true. Spiders have to build every strand of what we call cobwebs, and even then it takes more than just spiders for cobwebs to appear.

First of all, many species of spider create a special substance called spider silk. It’s tougher than it looks, and with enough strands stuck together the spider can create a web that a flying insect could stumble into. By grabbing this struggling insect, the spider that made the web can survive for days.

However, to make sure the insect gets caught, the spider needs to make sure that some of the silk strands are sticky. Some aren’t sticky because the spider needs to get around on the web, but plenty of the strands are. They should also be so thin that they’re nearly invisible, because if they’re easy to spot the insects won’t fly into them.

Spiders that create webs will maintain it and change it while they’re alive, but they usually won’t take over an existing web. That leaves the old webs to sit where they are and gather dust, and they’re very good at gathering dust because of those sticky strands. Over time, enough dust will land on the web to make it much easier to see, and at this point it becomes a cobweb.

Cobwebs are a bad sign because they mean you haven’t been sweeping or brushing the corners enough to get the spider webs before they become covered in dust, plus it means you have spiders in general.

Spiders can be a very helpful part of the ecosystem, especially since they eat pest species like mosquitoes. However, like mosquitoes, spiders can also wear out their welcome quickly once you find them indoors. If you find one or two it’s not much of a problem, but if you find a large group then you have two problems. First, spiders are taking over part of your home, and second, they’re eating a lot of insects that shouldn’t be in your house, either.

Cobwebs are eyesores unless you’re trying to decorate a haunted house, and if you don’t want them coming back you need to deal with them at the source. So if there are way too many spiders in your house, call experts like Bugout, Inc. to inspect the problem and help you get rid of any infestation or entry point that’s causing problems.

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