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Whiteflies A Problem For Indoor Plants

Whiteflies A Problem For Indoor PlantsWhiteflies are a pest that affects plants throughout the United States. Many Maryland homeowners unknowingly bring the pest inside over the winter. Once inside, they can be difficult to remove.


What Are Whiteflies?


Whiteflies are pests, similar to mealybugs and aphids. They are white and soft-bodied. The flies are small, typically no bigger than 1/12”. They are often difficult to detect because of their size. They also tend to make their homes on the underside of leaves, which means they are often overlooked when homeowners give their plants a once-through.

Whiteflies can overwinter, making them capable of surviving the winter’s cold temperatures. Once the temperatures warm, they begin to reproduce. If an infected plant is brought indoors for the winter, there is no need for the whiteflies to overwinter because of the warmth a home provides. Whiteflies are known to breed quickly.

The pests can be particularly annoying because of how easily they can be transported into a healthy garden. Whiteflies often thrive in greenhouse environments. Unsuspecting gardeners purchase a new plant from a greenhouse and introduce the plant into their existing garden, where the whitefly population can then thrive. Not only can whiteflies fly, but they can also easily travel by wind.

Whiteflies are known to suck the sap out of plants, which can cause leaves to die.


Get Rid Of Your Whitefly Infestation


Whiteflies can be very difficult for gardeners to remove on their own. BUGOUT has over 30 years providing pest control services to the greater Baltimore area. If you have had problems with whitefly infestations in your home, BUGOUT’s team of professionals can help. With decades of experience, we have developed focused extermination programs for pests that typically invade the Maryland area, including the whitefly.

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