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When Is It Time To Exterminate Ticks?

When Is It Time To Exterminate Ticks?A tick infestation is a tricky thing, and it can all begin with one single tick being brought onto your property or into your home. With the potentially dangerous nature of ticks, the time to exterminate ticks is as soon as you suspect any tick presence at all. Ticks can carry a host of tick-borne illnesses, and they can affect any member of the family as well as your pets.

Adult deer ticks can be found in Maryland, and the state is considered the 11th worst for Lyme disease in the entire United States. Deer ticks are incredibly difficult to spot whether on the body or in nature, and they look similar to a single small poppy seed before they bite and engorge themselves as they feed. Lyme disease is a difficult to treat and potentially debilitating illness carried by adult deer ticks, and ticks carrying the disease can find themselves on any Maryland property. It’s not just deer ticks that can make you or your pets sick, and the American Dog Tick, Brown Dog Tick, Gulf Coast Tick, and Lone Star tick may be found in Maryland as well.

Ticks don’t require an outdoor setting to lay their eggs and reproduce, and any tick brought into the home via your clothing, shoes, or body can begin creating an infestation in your home. Common indoor places for ticks to reproduce include near baseboards, near windows, in furniture, on your curtains, and on the edges of rugs.

Ticks require blood to survive, so they will seek out warm food sources they can use to sustain themselves. When it’s time to exterminate ticks in your home, one of the first signs will be finding ticks on yourself and your pets without going outdoors or outside of your property. You’ll begin finding ticks regularly, and the ticks will not go away on their own.

At the first sign of an infestation, it’s time to make a call to exterminate ticks inside and outside of your home. Without professional extermination, you could be exposing yourself and your family to dangerous tick-borne diseases.

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