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When Bringing In Your Houseplants, Leave The Bugs Out

When Bringing In Your Houseplants, Leave The Bugs Out - Pest Control ServiceIf you haven’t done so already, this is the time to start bringing in your houseplants. Though they love the bright sun and warm breezes of Maryland’s beautiful summers, they aren’t very keen on the frosty nights that come in the fall. Just as summer vacation must end for the kids, it must also end for your houseplants. When you’re ready to change their scenery, make sure that there aren’t any squatters residing with your plant before they make the pilgrimage inside.

Types Of Plant Dwellers – Pest Control Service

There are two types of bugs that can hitchhike on your indoor plants, and you don’t want either of them to make it through the door.

• Leaf dwelling bugs include aphids, spider mites, gnats, spiders, and mealy bugs.
• Soil dwelling bugs can include slugs, sow bugs, earwigs, fungus gnats, and ants.

In order to be free and clear of all of them, you’ll need to take a few steps to make sure that plants are ready to come in. Inspection is the first line of defense, so checking out the leaves and soil is a good place to begin. In order to make sure that you find, and eliminate, all of the dwellers before bringing in houseplants, try this method for small to medium plants.

Giving Your Houseplants A Bath

• Fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and add a few squirts of a mild liquid soap. (Do not use a soap that contains degreasers or detergents.)

• Place your plant in the water, pot and all, and let soak for about 15 minutes. The soapy water will kill all leaf and soil dwellers. Dead leaves and other debris will rise to the surface of the water, making them easy to discard.

• Clean any leaves that are not submerged with an organic insecticidal soap.
Remove the plant from the tub and scrub outside of the pot with a brush.

• Rinse the entire plant (leaves and pot) with the garden hose to remove soap and dirt.

• Set plants aside and allow to drain before bringing houseplants indoors.Be sure to remove the debris and everything else that rises to the surface of the water before soaking your next plant.

For Bigger Houseplants

For plants that are too big to bathe in a bucket:

• Wash plant leaves and stems with soapy water (using a mild detergent).
• Rinse thoroughly with a garden hose.

That’s all you need to prepare your plants and your home for an insect-free winter.

If you still find that dwellers have invaded your home despite your best intentions, the next step is to contact a professional pest control service to remove them. Our dedicated staff is ready to remove your pest problems, no matter how small. Contact us before the first flakes fall from the sky for more information on getting your home de-bugged.

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