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What Makes Maryland Termites So Troublesome?

What Makes Maryland Termites So Troublesome?Of all the pests and potential infestations Maryland residents have to worry about, the most concerning one would have to be termites. Unlike most other infestations, termites can reduce a home’s value, and there’s a reason for that. While fleas and bed bugs can become persistent problems that are hard to remove without destroying furniture, you can get rid of them with a thorough cleaning and without having to do anything to the house itself. On the other hand, termites can damage important support beams and wall structures, making the house less safe to live in without expensive reconstruction.

On top of that, Maryland termites are particularly troublesome. While some termite species make their nests in the wood they eat, the dominant species in Maryland is the eastern subterranean termite. This variety lives in underground colonies, just like ants, but unlike ants they build tunnels that lead directly to their food sources instead of scavenging along the surface. This makes them very hard to spot since they don’t leave many traces indoors and you won’t see them crossing any pavement or sneaking in through a window like an ant.

Fortunately, there are some indications you can use to identify a termite problem. For instance, when termites need to cross a solid surface like stone or concrete they will create mud tunnels to give them cover from predators. Swarmers (flying termites) sometimes leave the nest indoors and fly near lights, so you can spot them during the termites’ mating season. However, the most reliable way to check for Maryland termites is to tap the wooden walls and listen for a hollow sound, and for this you’re best off having a professional inspect your property.

Bugout is a Glen Burnie Maryland termite control company that has been in operation since 1988. We help homeowners and business owners protect their property from termite infestation by spraying the ground around their buildings with a termite pesticide, by planting termite bait near vulnerable outbuildings, and by advising owners how to protect their structures with good building practices, waterproofing, and creating solid barriers between the soil and any wooden materials. So if your home could use some extra protection, be sure to call the Glen Burnie Maryland termite control experts at Bugout.

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