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Watch Out For Rodents In Search Of Warm Nests

 Watch Out For Rodents In Search Of Warm NestsWhen the weather starts turning cold, both plants and animals change with the seasons. Deciduous trees lose their leaves, insects either hibernate or dig deeper nests to avoid the frost, and rodents look for a warm place where they can build a nest to wait out the lean winter months. All of that is just a part of nature when you’re looking at the forests and marshes of the wild parts of Maryland, but rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels can be a real problem if they decide your house is the best place to hide when it’s cold out.


In the wild, mice are small, ground-based rodents that stick to tall grass and try to find nests hidden away from any larger animals. They can gnaw their way through just about any kind of wood or plastic, and they need even less space than you’d expect from their small size.


Rats are bigger, meaner mice, and they’re equally at home in open fields and closed homes. You can tell a rat hole from a mouse hole because rats make bigger holes with rougher edges. They also tend to be more persistent if they think they can get into your home, so if you see rats in your yard it’s a good idea to do something about them before they get the chance to move in.


Squirrels tend to prefer tree branches to grassy fields, but that doesn’t mean they always stay away from houses. Squirrels can end up on your roof if there’s a tree with branches close enough, and from there they can squeeze through cracks and small openings and build nests in your attic space.


Chipmunks look like striped squirrels, but unlike squirrels, they spend most of their lives on the ground and only climb trees to forage for nuts. Still, like other rodents, the chipmunk will create a burrow, and this burrow can be underneath a house or undermining the concrete foundation.

No matter what species you look at, Maryland rodents can be major pests if they decide that they want to enjoy the warmth of a house. Keep an eye out for signs that they might be around, and if they do you should call a professional service like Bugout, Inc. that can get the job done right.

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