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Watch For Ticks This Summer

Tick Control Service - Watch For Ticks This SummerTicks are a constant problem, especially in a state like Maryland where the winters are mild. So long as the temperature is above the freezing point, ticks will actively seek new prey. They aren’t very picky, either, and most tick species in the state will gladly target both dogs and humans. This is why it is important to call a tick control service.

Ticks aren’t able to fly, so they find their prey by climbing up long stalks of grass and waiting for mammals to walk past them. The tick will then fall onto the animal, crawl around to find a good spot, and start drinking their blood. Once attached, it will usually stay there for a long time.

Why You Need A Tick Control Service

Homeowners can have trouble with ticks in two ways. First, if your property is up against a patch of forest or a park, there could be a large tick population nearby that will make things difficult if you like to go for nature walks or you keep a dog. Fortunately, you can cut down this population by calling Bugout, Inc., the Glen Burnie tick control service.

Second, it’s possible to suffer from a tick infestation inside your home. If a tick comes home with you on your legs, on your child, or on your dog, it can then fall off and find a crack to hide in. If it lays its eggs after that, you might have to deal with a serious infestation. Ticks need blood to survive in every stage of their development, so they’ll be a problem right from the start. If you notice too many ticks on your pets and tick bites on your legs, you might want to call the Glen Burnie tick control service.

Businesses might also want Bugout’s help with ticks. Outdoor workplaces like gardens, parks, and construction sites can have tick infestations of their own. Heavy work clothes can help keep ticks from finding a good spot on your employees’ legs, but the most effective way to avoid tick bites and the diseases they can cause is to contact the Glen Burnie tick control service and exterminate the local population.

Ticks are troublesome all year round, but they become particularly active in summer thanks to higher odds of human contact. Be careful around high grass, stick to the main paths, and be sure to check your dog for ticks after you take them for a walk.

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