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Get Rid of & Prevent Ticks on Dogs

This is an extremely deceptive pest that is easy to dismiss and ignore. Unlike termites or mice, the Tick doesn’t actively look for human dwellings to inhabit. Ticks live on blood, and they normally get it by hitching a ride their food source. They climb to end of a blade of grass and simply wait for a deer, dog, cat, human or other suitable food source to move past, at which point they simply climb on and move towards the warmest, darkest, inaccessible place. On dogs and cats, this may be in or under the ears. In humans, it’s usually armpits or crotch areas. Once they have reached a suitable area, they will stick a long, needle-like organ through the skin and begin to drink blood.

Because Ticks are so small, their bite is painless, and, in the case of the Deer Tick, which is native to the Maryland area, after 36 hours of feeding, Ticks can transmit Lyme Disease, which has so many different, even contradictory symptoms, that it can be very difficult to diagnose. Some Ticks, like the Brown Dog Tick, can even find a human home suitable for laying eggs, so while they are not as common as rodents or roaches, Ticks can infest a home.

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