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Top Termite FAQs

What is the number one question asked?
“How do I know if I have a termite problem?” is the top question we get asked. The answer is to have an authorized pest control professional inspect your home for evidence of termites.

Don’t leave the future of your biggest investment in the hands of over-the-counter products, or to companies that don’t have the experience and knowledge to take care of your termite problems. Most of all, don’t wait until you see termites to callBUGOUT Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

When are termites most common?
Once a colony is established, termites are a year-round problem. However, there is an increase in colony expansion activity during warm weather.

My next-door neighbor has termites and is going to have his house treated. Are the termites going to attack my house next?
Termites move randomly through the soil searching for a source of food (wood), so they don’t know where your house is exactly. So, if your next-door neighbor treats his home for termites, your house isn’t automatically the termites’ next lunch. Your house does not need to be treated; but, if there are active termite infestations in your neighborhood, it is a good idea to have it inspected.

How can I tell if I have a termite infestation and what are the signs of damage associated with termites?
Termites feed on cellulose in wood and paper products, such as books, cardboard, and various other items. Termite damage in homes is usually not obvious until significant damage has occurred. Sometimes homeowners first notice termites when they swarm. Swarmers are “winged reproductives” that leave the colony in a swarm to mate, reproduce, and start new colonies.

Yet, it’s the worker termites, small, creamy white insects that are seldom seen, that are the most numerous and cause most of the damage. There are many species of termites that can infest homes under a variety of conditions. Subterranean termites, the most common type, build nests in the ground and often construct mud tubes on structures. They use the mud tubes as passageways to explore for food and travel to and from the soil.

If you suspect that you have a termite infestation, you should have your home thoroughly inspected by a termite specialist. Professional termite inspectors are trained to locate specific areas in your home where a termite attack is most likely to occur. If termites are found, the specialist can design a treatment plan to control current infestations and to protect your home from future infestations.

How long does it take to get rid of termites?
Depending on the situation, it can take a few hours to several years to control a termite problem. The construction of your home, the area and extent of infestation, the species of termite infesting your home, and the treatment method you select are some of the factors that have an effect on how quickly termites can be eliminated from your home.

If more than one colony exists in any given area, or if you live in an area where well-established colonies exist, it can take more time to gain adequate control. Whatever treatment or maintenance contract that you choose, make sure that you get any warranties and other guarantees in writing and stay updated on any termite problems and activity on your property. Also, be sure to ask for a complete explanation of the terms of any warranty and read all documents carefully before you sign them.

How long does a typical subterranean termite treatment, applied by a professional pest management company, maintain its effectiveness?
There are many factors that can affect the longevity of the various termite treatments applied today, including the type of treatment performed, environmental conditions, type and pH of your soil, or physical disruption of the treatment site.

Ideally, treatments can last for several years. Some treatments and infested areas must be monitored regularly to make sure active infestations are being effectively controlled. Soil and wood treatments may be disrupted if the treated soil or wood has been displaced through construction, gardening or otherwise. In this case, these areas may need to be retreated.

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