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Banish Mice This Winter

If you hear tiny pattering feet in your attic this winter, you’ll want to act fast. Far from being harmless, mice are disease-carrying pests that will get into your pantry, leave their droppings scattered throughout your home, and even nibble away at your home’s insulation, wiring, and baseboards. To prevent mice and other rodent pests from taking up long-term residence in your home, contact the rodent control experts at Bugout.

Not sure if you have mice or other rodent pests in your home? Look for these tell tale signs of rodent activity:

  • Gnawing. Wires, insulation, and even walls may show signs of chewing or gnaw marks. If you discover tiny teeth marks in your home’s wiring, insulation, or baseboards, you may have a rodent problem.
  • Feces and urine stains. Mouse droppings are pointed and small, while rat droppings are blunt and slightly larger. You may find rodent droppings in cabinets or drawers, as well as under sinks, on counters, and near food. You may also notice urine stains on woodwork, as well as a musty odor.
  • Burrow holes. You may notice mouse holes in baseboards, walls, corners, entryways, and foundations. Entrance holes to a mouse’s home generally measure approximately 1 inch in diameter, but mice are capable of fitting through dime-sized holes that are no more than half an inch high.
  • Scuttling, scurrying, or squeaking noises. If you hear scuttling, scurrying, squeaking, or gnawing sounds coming from within your walls or from your rafters, you may have a rodent infestation. Your pets may notice sounds that are not discernible to the human ear, so if your dog suddenly starts yelping and scratching at the walls, look around for signs of rodent activity.

If you believe you may have a mouse infestation in your home, contact Bugout right away. Even if you only notice the occasional mouse dropping, it’s still a good idea to act sooner rather than later. A single female mouse can produce up to 10 litters in just one year, with the offspring reaching reproductive maturity in just two months. So mouse infestations can rapidly grow and become extremely difficult to eradicate. Contact Bugout today for a free quote and keep mice out this winter.

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