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Busy Bees Can Cause Big-Time Property Damage

While bumble bees play an important role in the natural world, the same cannot be said of the pesky carpenter bees buzzing around your Maryland yard. Not only are carpenter bees a nuisance, they can also be as destructive to your property as carpenter ants and even termites. For this reason, many Maryland homeowners turn to Bugout to eradicate carpenter bees from their property.

Carpenter bees nest in wood. They prefer softer wood, with some choosing to build nests in rotting trees. However, carpenter bees are just as likely to build nests in the eaves or ceilings of your home, garage, or utility shed. Some may nest in wood trim or on wooden decks or porches. In reality, no wooden structure on your property is off-limits to nesting carpenter bees. Even treated wood is not safe from carpenter bees, who are not averse to building nests in pressure treated lumber.

Female carpenter bees build nests by tunneling into wood, creating a perfectly circular hole approximately ½ inch in diameter. Carpenter bees’ entry points are so perfect they are indistinguishable from the tidy holes made by an electric drill. At each entry point, a small pile of sawdust is left behind. Despite the tidy appearance of their nests’ entryway, the actual tunnels made by carpenter bees are anything but neat.

Extending up to ten feet, the bees’ nests are constructed in tunnels inside the wood, with the female carpenter bees expanding the nests between six and twelve inches each year. In some cases, carpenter bees can enter structures through existing screw or nail holes left uncovered in exposed wood. To prevent this from happening on your property, cover over any old nail or screw holes left in wooden structures. To prevent the bees from drilling into the wood on their own, try painting wood surfaces with oil paint or coating with polyurethane

Over time, carpenter bees’ nesting activities can result in extensive damage to your property. Their tunneling can actually weaken the structure of wood. If not addressed, carpenter bees’ tunneling can result in decay and wood rot as moisture seeps into the wooden structures in which they have constructed their sometimes extensive nests.

If you have carpenter bees on your property, do not adopt a wait and see approach. Over time, these tunneling pests can cost you thousands in repairs to damaged wood. In severe cases, carpenter bees can even undermine the overall integrity of the wooden structures in which they build their nests. To avoid damage to your property, contact Bugout for safe, effective, and long-lasting carpenter bee control.

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