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Wood-Loving Ants Can Cost You Big In Repairs

Termites aren’t the only pest that can damage or destroy your property. In fact, carpenter ants are equally likely to wreck your home’s wooden siding or frame. When these opportunistic gnawing pests decide to make their nest in your home’s insulation or wood, the result can be thousands of dollars in expensive repairs to remedy the damage they cause.

Generally, carpenter ant nests do not exceed more than a few square feet. However, nests that are located too close structurally important areas can result in serious structural damage. In addition to damage to wood, when carpenter ants decide to nest in your home’s insulation, the result can be a real mess, one that is really expensive to remedy.

Since carpenter ants only nest where there is moisture, the presence of carpenter ants in your home likely indicates that you have a preexisting moisture problem. Carpenter ants burrow easily through wet or rotting wood and they love to feast on the fungal growth that often accompanies wet, rotting wood. They will also eat other insects, both dead and living, as well as scraps carelessly discarded by people. They are especially fond of sweet foods, so watch where you drop those cookie crumbs.

To prevent carpenter ants, it’s a good idea to replace any wet or rotting wood with new wood, preferably wood that’s been pressure treated. In addition, have your home checked for any weakened wood, wood-related structural issues, and moisture problems. By remedying these issues, you will prevent carpenter ant queens from establishing future colonies in your home’s woodwork.

To prevent the sort of moisture problems that can lead to carpenter ant infestation, always keep your home’s gutters clean and be sure to eliminate any water sources that could lead to wet wood or leaks. If you have a fireplace, always store your firewood in a dry, elevated area that’s well away from your home. Much like termites and carpenter bees, carpenter ants can cause serious damage to your home if you allow them to become established.

If you suspect that your home may have a carpenter ant infestation, contact the pest control experts at Bugout to rid your home of these wood-gnawing insects. Even if you only notice a few scattered carpenter ants it’s still a good idea to contact Bugout for a pest control assessment. Don’t let carpenter ants or other wood-burrowing pests damage your home.

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