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Could Venomous Fire Ants Find Their Way To Maryland?

If you’ve been turned into coverage of Hurricane Harvey, one of the phenomenon’s you may have seen is the survival instincts utilized by fire ants. These ants bond together within their colonies, which can reach 100,000, to stay afloat. Their floating nests have caused problems for Houston residents attempting to recover from the flooding.

Dealing With Fire Ants

If someone were to disrupt one of these floating any colonies, the results could be disastrous. When threatened, the ants sting by the hundreds or thousands. When stinging, they produce alkaloid venom, which could cause additional trouble for anyone who was allergic. Suffering an allergic reaction from fire ant stings could result in anaphylactic shock. It’s easy to see how troublesome it would be to navigate flood waters infested with these ants.
The ants will remain afloat until they can find dry land to begin rebuilding their colonies.

Is Maryland In Danger?

Although the species has been found in Maryland, no established colonies have been found. However, a model produced by the United States Department of Agriculture indicated that Maryland may be prone to invasion before the turn of the century, in the 2080-89 range. This may seem like a long time away, but it is not something to take likely.

Dealing With Ants?

Even if you do not have a problem with venomous fire ants, various other species of ants can make your life miserable and have detrimental impacts on your home. If you are worried that your home may be under attack from ants, contact Bugout for a pest control assessment. With over 25 years of local experience, we know which ants are native to the area and how to best treat them.

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