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Unwelcomed House Guests That Cause Damage

Annapolis Pest Control - Unwelcomed House Guests That Cause DamageMice are rodents that have pointed snouts, small rounded ears, and a scaly tail. Humans come across various species of mice. Some are even popular as pets. However, not all mice are friendly. Some have turned into pests that bring problems to humans. Annapolis is one of the places that are vulnerable to pest infestation, and residents have to turn to Annapolis pest control companies to put a stop to this.

Signs That You Have Mice At Home

These animals work quietly. They could already be in your house without you knowing. You might not catch them in action, but you can determine if they are living under your roof. That is why you need to know the signs.

• Chew marks on wires, furniture, and walls
• Mouse droppings and urine stains
• Squeaking and scuttling sounds
• Holes on storage boxes, furniture, and walls

The Problems They Cause

Mice make holes so they can move around your property. They create their pathways to reach their food source. These holes damage the foundation of your house.
• Holes can serve as a passage for other pests.
• Water can reach the interior of your home through these holes. Damp areas can serve as breeding grounds for other pests. Water can also cause damage to the whole structure.
• Since mice may chew on wirings too, your home may be susceptible to short circuits and other electrical problems.
• Mice tend to go in and out of your property. Thus, they can carry with them ticks, fleas, lice, and other parasites. These creatures can affect all inhabitants.
• These pests can also spread harmful bacteria and diseases. They can contaminate food and utensils.

Dealing With Pests By Using Annapolis Pest Control

Mice can breed at a high rate. They can even have up to 14 newborns in a litter. That is why you should remove every single one of them.

You can set baits and traps. However, this solution will not ensure complete success. Thus, you should seek the services of a professionals Annapolis pest control company.

If you think you have a mice problem, reach out to us immediately. Let us schedule a visit to ensure that these unwanted house guests will no longer cause damage to your household.

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