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Understanding Your Termite Treatment Options

Annapolis Termites - Understanding Your Termite Treatment OptionsIt can be devastating to find out that you have termites in the home. A lot of the time, it is hard to spot an infestation right away, which means that the damage, when the infestation is finally found, can be significant and quite costly. If this has happened in your home, you will want to understand all of your Annapolis termite treatment options.

Conventional and Liquid Treatments

These treatments are often considered environmentally hazardous, invasive, and often ineffective. To use these kinds of treatments on Annapolis termites, it often involves the need to drill multiple holes around and through the foundation areas of the home. These holes are typically spaced about a foot away from each other.

Liquid treatments also often fall into one of two categories: repellent and non-repellent termiticides. Repellent termiticides create a barrier, while non-repellent termiticides contain a chemical that the Annapolis termites take back to their colony.

Termite Monitoring and Baiting Systems

These are considered to be much more environmentally friendly than liquid options. The bait systems have less of the active ingredient and there is no transfer or runoff when it is used. They also may be the only termite treatment option if the infestations of the structures are within 50 feet of a wall or 100 feet from a body of water.

With this type of termite treatment, there is no destruction and very little if any disruption to the home. Nothing needs to be removed, and no holes need to be drilled.

Spray or Foam Treatments For Annapolis Termites

Borates are the choice often used when you are trying to control drywood and subterranean termites, carpenter ants, and wood-destroying beetles. It is often used to supplement a baiting program and is also often used on new constructions.

Instead of being put into the soil, the borates are sprayed on unfinished wood or it can be in the form of a foam that is placed inside of the walls. However, it should be noted that this Annapolis termite treatment should only be used on bare wood, plywood, and particle boards.

If you have any questions about these termite treatment options, don’t hesitate to call your local pest company so they can explain all the options available to you when combatting termites in the home and on your property.

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