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Do Ultrasonic Devices Really Work For Pest Repellents?

It’s probably because they are small, furry, and, with the right presentation, cute, but rodent pests like rats and mice often get a more compassionate reaction from people than cockroaches or termites in the home. Maybe that’s just a matter of sympathy for a similar species since people, dogs, cats and rodents are all mammals, but it sometimes results in people wanting to be a little more humane in dealing with rodent pests.

In recent years, one interesting device has popped up on the market, available in many retail outlets, as a solution for people with rodents in the home. It’s an “ultrasonic repellent,” and, as the name implies, this is a device that is designed—in theory—to keep pests away from your home through sound. So does it work? Do professional pest control teams have anything to worry about? Let’s take a closer look.

Realistic Claims

These days, thanks to the intervention of groups such as the Federal Trade Commission, ultrasonic repellants can no longer make some of the more miraculous, outlandish claims they did when the products first hit the stores. First of all, it’s important to note, that no ultrasonic repellant is 100% effective, and no legally sold device will make that claim ANYWHERE on the packaging.

The principle of the device is simple. It emits a high pitched sound that is designed to go beyond the hearing range of people, cats and dogs, so that you and your household pets don’t suffer either. That pitched sound is constantly broadcast, proving to be so unpleasant and irritating to mice and rats that they stay away from your home. If you imagine a loud concert that never ends, or a train going by your home forever, you begin to get the idea of what it must be like for a rodent.

Decrease & Diminish

The truth is, this device will work. To a degree. Not all rodents are going to be repelled by the sound, so while you can reasonably expect some decrease in your rodent population, it won’t drive all of them out. The other issue to worry about is an “adjustment period.” In the same way that if you move by the train tracks and you eventually stop being bothered by passing trains as you get used to the sound, the same thing happens with the ultrasonic repellant. Given enough time, rodents in the vicinity will get used to the sound, and eventually make a return. So while an ultrasonic repellant does work, don’t expect it to work forever, or with 100% effectiveness.

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