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Top Pests That Keep Bugging Glen Burnie

Glen Burnie Exterminators - Top Pests That Keep BuggingGlen Burnie is a place that’s split between nature and urbanization. As much as we love the wild and natural wonders of the world, we can’t help but feel annoyed by the pests that come with it. Luckily, for Glen Burnie exterminators such as ourselves, these pests can be dealt with easily. Just what are the common pests that you can see in this CDP in Maryland?


Bedbugs are those nasty tiny little creatures that infest most cheap hotel rooms. It’s hard to imagine how uncomfortable it can be to sleep inside a room that’s infested with hundreds, if not thousands of bedbugs. Don’t let the name fool you, bedbugs don’t live only on beds, they live in the tiniest crevices of your home.

What’s worst about bedbugs is that they can populate immediately. One day, there are only a few under your bed. The next week, there could be an entire colony crawling inside your room. This is why calling the exterminators immediately is a must once bedbugs start appearing.

Box Elders

When winter comes in, the box elders come out. Box elders seek warmth during the winter and what better source of warmth than inside your house. Most particularly, they seek comfort in the nooks and crannies of your rooms. While box elders don’t pose any significant threat to your home, they can be very annoying at times and they could make things uncomfortable for those living inside your house. As such, it’s important to call the best Glen Burnie exterminators once these start popping up in your room.


As long as there’s wood inside your home, you should expect termites to come and ruin your day. Termites are infamous wood eaters and they could ruin the durability of your walls, furniture, and more. Termites are common in Glen Burnie. Most of the clients that call us are neighbors because termites can easily spread from one home to another.

Termites not only ruin the integrity of your home, they also have a pretty nasty bite. Termite colonies function similarly to ant colonies, this means they are well-coordinated and they can create huge homes inside your house. These allow them to thrive and repopulate with ease so professional work is a must to clear them out.

These pesky pests are our top targets when answering calls in Glen Burnie. Avoid getting your home invaded by calling exterminators as soon as possible.

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