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The Top 5 Places Where Mice Like To Hide In The Home

the-top-5-places-where-mice-like-to -hide-in-the-home The Maryland fall and winter seasons are upon us, and for both renters and homeowners, this means one thing – it’s mouse season. You see, during this time of the year, the field mice outside begin to get cold, and they seek warm shelter wherever they can find it. All too often, they scramble into homes through small cracks and holes and they take up residence in your home to wait out the long cool weather season and beyond. As these mice are living within your home, they’re multiplying at a rapid pace, getting into your pantry and your cupboards, and overall wreaking havoc on your space.

If you’re wondering if mice have made their way into your home, but you are yet to see any telltale “evidence” yet, there are a few common places you can check. The top 5 places mice like to hide in the home are:


1. In your cupboards – In your cupboards, especially where foods are stored, there are plenty of narrow, dark, and “safe” spaces for mice to take up residence. They may retreat back into the walls during the day and come out to explore at night, and if they haven’t been around long you may not have found waste yet even though they have developed a presence.

2. Garages – The garage is often one of the easiest parts of the home to get in to, which makes it a great place for mice to come and go throughout the fall and winter. If you keep kitchen garbage out in the garage until it’s time to leave it by the curb for weekly pickup, they’re even supplied with a near endless food source.

3. Crawl spaces – Crawl spaces are dark, warm, and cozy places for mice to take up residence, and in these areas entire colonies of mice may be reproducing before you begin noticing them in other parts of the home.

4. Behind the stove – In the space between the stove and the wall, mice have an exceptionally warm and private place to call their own. Another plus? Any crumbs that fall under the stove while cooking are within easy reach.

5. Stored boxes – If you have boxes of stored belongings in the basement, attic, or a home crawlspace, this may look like the perfect nesting area for a mouse. A good solution would be to transfer anything stored in cardboard boxes to plastic lidded storage boxes, which are less likely to allow the mice to chew their way in.


If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of any potential mouse problem, it’s never a bad idea to check these areas of your home first. If you suspect a mouse problem, call us at Bugout Inc for help today.

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