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Follow These Tips To Avoid Having Tick Bites This Summer

Tips To Avoid Tick Bites This SummerAs you have likely heard, ticks are very dangerous come summertime. The spread of Lyme disease is a huge concern because of ticks, as nearly 300,000 people in the United States annually catch the disease. Consider the following tips to avoid ticks this summer.

What Can You Do About Tick Bites?

  • Don’t Let The Ticks Get To You – You can use a common insecticide to repel ticks. Insecticides can kill adult ticks, and any ticks in their larvae stage. Permethrin is the insecticide most common ingredient found that will help with the reduction of ticks. However, DEET is not very useful against ticks.
  • Check To Ensure Ticks Haven’t Gotten To You – You can be diligent in checking yourself for ticks, especially if you have spent time outdoors. It is estimated that 75 percent of people pick up ticks in activities in and around the home. The best way to prevent ticks latching on to you is by covering up. Wearing long sleeves and pants, and tucking your pants into your socks, can help reduce the transfer of ticks. Obviously, this is tough to do during the summertime because of heat. Wearing light colored clothing will not only keep you cool, but will also allow you to see any ticks that have transported their way onto you. People who shower immediately after being outdoors are less likely to get Lyme disease, primarily because they can see any ticks before they are bitten.
  • Know The Environment – Ticks cannot survive in environments lower than 80 percent humidity for more than eight hours. Sticking to sunny areas can help reduce the possibility of you getting a tick. Ticks can be carried on mice, deer, woodchucks, and other rodents. This means that any environment or landscaping in your yard suitable to rodents can also, in turn, be suitable for ticks.
  • Check Your Dog – Ticks have been known to jump onto your pet and come into the home. As soon as your dog comes indoors, you should check them for ticks. Doing so immediately prevents the ticks from having a chance to burrow.
  • Dry Your Clothes – Ticks can easily dry out, meaning five minutes in the dryer at high heat can kill any ticks that have transported their way onto you.
  • Get Rid Of The Tick Yourself – if you do happen to get bitten, immediately remove the tick with tweezers or forceps. If you begin to exhibit flulike symptoms or an odd rash, be sure to contact your doctor immediately.

Prevent A Tick Infestation

If you are worried about a tick infestation occurring this summer, contact our experts at BUGOUT. We can help with any tick infestations, keeping you and your family safe this summer. Email us at info@bugoutinc.com to get more information today!

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