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Ticks In The Home? What Do You Do?

Annapolis Exterminators - Ticks In The Home? What Do You Do?When we think of ticks, we don’t usually consider them an indoor pest. They are more of an outdoor pest we often find ourselves battling. However, it is important to know that they can be outdoors as well as indoors, so there are a few things you can do around the home to help prevent this kind of infestation from happening including calling Annapolis exterminators.

Check Yourself

The first thing you want to do after discovering a tick inside of the home is to check yourself, your family, and your pets. The tick very well may have hitchhiked its way indoors, so you want to make sure there aren’t any more of them around.

In addition to checking your skin and your pet’s fur, you also need to check clothing. Comb through your pet’s fur and as you do so, check for any bumps. You should also check between their toes, inside their ears, and around their face and neck.

Repair Cracks

In reality, most ticks prefer to stay outdoors and really have no interest in coming indoors; however, if you have small gaps, cracks or crevices, they may prove to be an invitation for some tick species to make their way indoors.
If this happens, they may begin laying their eggs inside, which will result in a full-blown infestation in the home that will definitely require the services of Annapolis exterminators.

Tick Treatments With Annapolis Exterminators

For added safety and prevention against ticks in the home, you may want to consider tick treatments for your pets such as a tick collar and spot treatments. You will also want to find ways to keep the ticks out of your yard, which will ultimately keep them out of the home.

If you have any densely planted beds near the home, get rid of them. You should also spread gravel or wood chips to create a barrier between any wooded areas you have around the home.

Finally, call in Annapolis exterminators to come in and see just how bad the tick infestation may be. They can suggest ways to prevent future infestations and can take a look around the property to see what else can be done to eradicate the problem.

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