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Ticking Time Bomb: The Problem With Ticks

Exterminate Ticks - Ticking Time Bomb The Problem With TicksDangerous things come in small packages and such is the case with the common tick. This pesky pest is one of the most commonly found across the US. The moment you see a tick or two in your home should be a cause of alarm. Here are some scary reasons why you should begin to exterminate ticks and call for help once they invade your home.

They Reproduce Fast

One of the most dangerous things about ticks is that they reproduce at a rapid rate. To be more precise, a female tick is capable of producing up to 3,000 eggs in one birthing. Although not all of these survive, you can expect a few hundred to make their way into your pets, your home, and your body in no time.

Once ticks are born, they can immediately begin latching on to living creatures and begin sucking their blood. This is why tick problems can go from 0 to 100 in such a short time.

They Carry A Bunch Of Diseases

Ticks are known to be carriers of the potentially fatal Lyme diseases. Lyme disease presents itself as a fever at first but when left untreated, the infection could reach the heart and nervous system. As such, this is one of the bad things you can contract from ticks. Aside from Lyme disease, ticks are also known to be carriers of other diseases including Tularemia, Powassan disease, heartland virus, and Colorado tick virus among others.

Of course, ticks are also dangerous as they can drain your blood. In our pets, tick problems are considered as a serious matter as around 20 could drain a lot of blood from dogs. These strong biters aren’t just creepy crawlers, they’re also disease carriers you wouldn’t want near you or anyone else.

They Don’t Die Easily So Exterminate Ticks

Ticks are very resilient creatures. In fact, some of them can survive and continue sucking even if you’ve already squished them. Their resiliency partnered with their capacity to reproduce at a rapid rate is a bad combination. If your home has a serious tick problem, it might be time to call on the experts to exterminate those ticks for you.

The pros know exactly what to do to kill all ticks in your home and to make sure that they don’t come back again. It’s an investment you shouldn’t skip out on for the sake of your family.

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