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Threats That Require Extermination To Keep Homeowners Safe

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Not all insects and other pests are harmful, pass along diseases, or pose a threat to humans and pets. In fact, some species are even beneficial to the ecosystem and humanity alike. Honey bees fly around creating buzzing noises, which are extremely annoying, and they can also leave painful stings. They are the only insect that produces food for human consumption though. A colony may need to be relocated if it poses a threat to a homeowner, but numerous other pests require extermination to keep family members, friends, and neighbors safely out of harm’s way.

1. Roaches


Different roach species live within Maryland, but the most prominent ones are German, Oriental, and American cockroaches. Some are forced inside from our cold, harsh winters, while others stow away in cardboard boxes only to quickly multiply and infest. They can cause allergies to go haywire, and track harmful bacteria onto foods. Gels, pastes, baits, traps, and sprays are available for homeowners to attempt their own roach extermination. However, these insects are notorious for evading extinction, and eliminating them from the location can prove to be a daunting task, especially for an untrained professional. Allow our team to get rid of the roaches and quickly give you back control of your home.

2. German Yellow Jackets


Although colonies tend to die off in the fall, these flying insects are worthy of mentioning as a threat, because, on occasion, they are known to reuse the same nest. They are very territorial and often build nests inside walls buried beneath the insulation. Never seal the area off as an extermination remedy. This action can lead to the insects chewing through drywall and getting inside the structure. Yellow jackets chase down threats, which in these cases include humans and pets like dogs or cats. They inflict painful stings on their victims that produce swelling and skin irritation. Let our extermination service help you eliminate the menaces, and prevent yourself from having to dodge them on the way to your front door.

3. Ticks


When we think of ticks, the first place that our mind takes us is to an image of a beloved canine companion, but these threats attack humans as well. The American Dog tick is a carrier of Rocky Mountain fever, as well as, tularemia, and can even cause tick paralysis. The black-legged ticks, also commonly referred to as deer ticks, are the primary carrier of the lime disease. They feed on blood and pass along illnesses to the hosts along the way. If ticks are in abundance around your home, or property, check clothing and pets frequently, and contact our pest control organization to take care of the issue.

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