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The Trouble With Maryland Mice During The Spring

Pest Removal - The Trouble With Maryland Mice During The SpringWhen you suspect that mice have made their way into your Maryland home, then you may be scratching your head as you search your mind for the best way to eradicate the problem and prevent it from happening again in the future. While we feel as if the winter months are the most problematic when it comes to mice and other pests, we need to remain vigilant as homeowners because they can also cause trouble during the spring months as well. It is important to call the right pest removal company.

Jump and Climb

Did you know that mice are good at jumping and climbing? Many mice are actually able to jump up to a foot into the air and can jump even further horizontally. They are also able to climb many surfaces vertically as well, so it really shouldn’t be of much surprise when they manage to find a way into your home.

They can easily climb the trees outside of the home and then use the branches to jump onto your roof and then gain access to the home this way. They can also traverse your gutter system on the lookout for easy entrance as well.

Squeezing Into Tight Places

Mice can also make their bodies very compact, which means they can fit through even the smallest cracks and holes in the home. So, when you check the exterior of your property, you also want to keep an eye out for the very small holes you wouldn’t normally think would be of any concern.

Chewing Power

They also have incredible chewing power, so even if you successfully patched up the holes outside, they may still be able to chew their way into the home and into the walls and ventilation ducts.

So, what can you do when faced with these obvious mouse problems? Call your local pest removal company to come out and do an inspection of the home and property. A licensed and experienced professional can assess the home and look for all possible signs of a rodent infestation.

A pest removal company can also help seal up any entry points they may have found and use traps in various areas to protect your home and reduce the mouse population that may be taking up residence in your home.

Never wait until the problem becomes too problematic. Call the professionals right away before any real costly damage can be done in the home.

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