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The Three Household Pests That Are A Danger To Your Health

Maryland Exterminators - Three Household Pests That Are DangerousPest problems aren’t just about keeping your home and belongings safe from pesky bites. Our duty is mostly dedicated to protecting our clients from the various health risks that come with certain pests. If you see one of these pests in your home, then it might be time to call the best Maryland exterminators possible to avoid an unwanted trip to the hospital.

Maryland Exterminators Are Needed


These tiny and noisy creatures are not only hard to kill, they can also grow in various locations within your house. From tiny puddles to open bottles with liquids, mosquitoes can thrive in environments with open waters. This is where they lay their eggs. They can grow in population when left unchecked but the biggest issue lies in the diseases they carry.

Upon sucking your blood, mosquitoes can immediately spread various diseases. These include the West Nile Virus, La Crosse Encephalitis, dengue fever, malaria, and more. These diseases affect the nervous system and your blood, making them fatal in most cases.

House Flies

The common house fly may seem harmless but there are reasons why Maryland exterminators such as ourselves take extra steps to prevent a huge colony of it from infiltrating the home of your clients. In Maryland, house flies are available all-year round as they are resilient and adaptive to any climate.

House flies collect pathogens on their tiny hairs and legs. These pathogens spread whenever they land on food, clothes, and especially our skin. Some of the common diseases that you can get from the common house fly includes dysentery, anthrax, and salmonella. Don’t stick with a simple fly swatter as a full-on extermination is mostly recommended.


Cockroaches are the nightmare of many Maryland citizens. Actually, they are feared all throughout the world. While most are disgusted by their creepy appearance and ammonia-like smell, they should be feared most because of the diseases they can carry. Like house flies, cockroaches get into unsanitary places, these make them a carrier of various pathogens.

Some of the common diseases acquire from cockroaches include dysentery, polio, and gastroenteritis. It’s nearly impossible to tell whether or not some cockroach walked over your food so it’s important to call us once you see several cockroaches inside your house.

It’s not your house that you should be worried about, it’s your health that’s in danger whenever pests thrive in your home. When push comes to shove, it’s time to call the best exterminators in Maryland.

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