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The Surprise Pest: The Camel Cricket

Cape Saint Claire Pest Control - The Surprise Pest: The Camel CricketSummer is the most gentle and prosperous of all seasons, so it’s no surprise that this is when insect popula-tions grow, and you might need to think about getting some Cape Saint Claire pest control. But while most people are aware of the more common summer pests like mosquitos and ticks, there are a few that can be quite surprising. The Camel Cricket is one of them.

What Is It?

The camel cricket gets its name because of its unusual body, which appears to push upwards, almost as if it had a “hump,” just like a camel. You’d think that being a cricket, you’d immediately know you had a camel cricket problem in your home because you’d hear the chirping that crickets are so well known for. However, you’d be wrong!

In addition to the hump that common crickets don’t have, camel crickets lack the same ability to make noise the way other crickets do. They have other means of trying to attract a mate and signal to each other so that they can operate in silence. But would they be doing in your home that would require Cape Saint Claire pest control to step in?

Not Harmful

Fortunately, camel crickets do not present a health threat in the way that rodents, bed bugs or even mosquitos can, so they’re quite safe with regards to disease transmission. That doesn’t mean, however, that these insects can’t be pests. When any insect gathers up in sufficient numbers, it can always be inconvenient for a home. They don’t bite either, so you don’t have to worry about that. However, like other crickets, they can jump, and it’s always unsettling if they jump towards you!

Camel crickets are primarily “cave crickets” in that they prefer environments that are damp, dark, and cool, which can make some basements the ideal setting for them. The reason for their preferred cave setting is they feed on moss that thrives in these moist, dark environments.

It’s Not Just Moss

While moss is their favorite food, camel crickets can move onto other food sources. Like termites, they can sustain themselves on cellulite, the substance that makes up plants, so they’ll eat paper, carpet, cardboard wood, and, in some cases, even kitty litter.

Normally, the best way to prevent a camel cricket invasion in your home is to maintain a dry environment. A dehumidifier fired up during the summer months not only makes your home more comfortable, but the decrease in humidity also keeps certain types of moss from growing and discourages camel crickets from invading your home.

Call In The Professionals – Cape Saint Claire Pest Control

Of course, if they’re already in your home, and multiplying, just trying to dry out the basement won’t be the most effective tactic right now. That’s when you call up some experienced Cape Saint Claire pest control services to come to visit.

Once the professionals arrive, they can find where the insects are concentrated, find out how they got in, and then deal with the problem while giving you the guidance you need to prepare your home and ensure that there isn’t a repeat visit once the professionals have left.

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