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The Importance Of Being On The Lookout For Ticks

The Importance Of Being On The Lookout For TicksWhile hunting is not every person’s cup of tea, there are a lot of hunters in Maryland. Some enjoy the experience and look forward to adding a stunning rack to their den wall. Meanwhile, others partake in the sport for the meat. They either use it to feed their family or donate it to a local charity. Regardless of how people feel about the situation, it is okay. Because, after all, everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

However, this post is neither pro nor con hunting. Rather, it is a place to tell the outdoor enthusiasts about ticks. Since these individuals will be out and about in the woods for extended periods, they must take extra precautions to ensure that they don’t have any tagalongs. It is equally as important to check pets such as hunting dogs for the creatures. These beings do not adhere to borders, but the ones most commonly found in Maryland are…

• The American Dog Tick
• The Lone Star Tick
• The Deer Tick

Why Avoid Ticks?

Tick bites vary from person to person. They may be painful for some while others might not feel them at all. These pests feed on blood though, and they can lead to illnesses in humans and animals such as…

• Tularemia
• Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
• Tick Paralysis
• Lyme Disease

So, as you can see, ticks should be avoided at all costs because they can impact health and well-being. The last thing anybody wants is to go from enjoying their leisure time to getting sick. Read further to learn about some useful tips.

Guidelines For Protecting Against Ticks

1. Tuck In Your Pants

Luckily, most folks don’t care how they look while they are hunting. So, tuck pant legs inside socks to prevent the creatures from getting to the skin. It is also a good idea to keep your shirt tucked in. Every once in a while, brush your hand down the clothing to knock off any ticks that may be hitching a ride.

2. Avoid Sitting On Logs, Stumps, Or In Brushy Areas

These places are ideal hiding spots for the ticks. They can crawl to the tops of them and wait for a suitable host to walk by or sit down. Then, the creatures hop on and feed.

3. Cut The Lawn

If the tick problem is at home, be sure to keep the yard neat and tidy. Like mentioned above, the ticks climb up the long strands and wait for you or your pet to come along. Consider using a repellent to keep the creatures at bay. Always follow the label’s directions to prevent other issues from arising.

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