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The House Centipede & You

Baltimore Bug Control - The House Centipede & YouBaltimore bug control can be important for a lot of different pests. If you find you have termites or bed bugs, calling in the professionals is the most effective way to get rid of these threats to your home and health. But what if you find a “non-standard” bug in your home that you’re not sure about? Everyone knows how much of risk termites can be to your home as an investment, but what if you find a predator like a house centipede? Is this something that you have to worry about?

Beyond The “Ick Factor”

There’s no doubt that anyone finding a house centipede is going to be understandably uncomfortable. There’s nothing cute or appealing about a house centipede and, though it’s not intentional, the many legs and “skitter” movement of these insects can come off as unnatural, and even upsetting to people when they are encountered.

House centipedes can look frightening, but are they actually a risk? The answer to this question depends on the current state of pests in your home.

Population Control – Baltimore Bug Control

The house centipede, as you may have guessed from the name, prefers to make its home in the shelter of yours. This makes a lot of good sense for a variety of reasons. In the winter, your home is warm, but in the summer, some areas, such as the basement, can be cooler, darker and moister than outdoors, but remain protected from elements like wind and rain. All the reasons you like to live in your home are the same reasons that house centipedes move in when they can.

However, unlike you, what the house centipede really values about your home is that it is the perfect hunting ground. The house centipede is a predator. The house centipede is a venomous predator, capable of injecting poison into its victims.

The house centipede feeds on a variety of different insects, including termites, silverfish and even bed bugs if it can find them. In other words, many of the pests you don’t want in your home are the favorite foods of this hunter, so when you find one, you can rest easy in the knowledge that it has no interest in you, but it loves the pests that you don’t.

The Safety Factor

So, do you need Baltimore bug control to handle a house centipede? In the rarest of circumstances, the answer may be “yes,” but this is only if you’ve got an infestation. Under ordinary circumstances, you’ll not often encounter a house centipede unless you come into your basement. Then you may find a single insect skittering away from you to safety.

However, if you encounter many house centipedes, this can mean only one thing; you have a very significant pest problem. If you have many predators, you have many pests that these predators are comfortably feeding on.

So once you’ve called Baltimore bug control to come in and help you with too many house centipedes crawling around your home, think about having them address the bigger concern. What are all these predators feeding on that made your home so attractive in the first place?

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