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Spring Cleaning Tips and Pest Control in Maryland

Pest Management - Spring Cleaning Tips and Pest Control in MarylandSpring is that time of the year when we find ourselves clearing out the clutter and cleaning out our homes to make it a more organized and peaceful environment. When spring cleaning, we also can’t forget about the spring pests the beautiful weather brings as well. So, as part of your spring cleaning schedule and for better pest management, you also need to come up with a plan of action to help control those Maryland pests.

Don’t Worry About Being Hospitable

No. You don’t have to be hospitable to all the pests that want to come and visit the home. In fact, you want to be as inhospitable and hostile as possible to keep them moving along. Bugs need food, water, and shelter to thrive. So, if you take these items away from them, they will move on to a new location, and pest management will be that much easier.

To do this, make sure that all of your screens are in proper working order. Make sure you have door sweeps in place and never leave water out. Keep all your gutters clean, and your trees and bushes trimmed down and away from the home.


Decluttering is usually on everyone’s spring cleaning checklist. When doing this, don’t neglect to declutter the areas around your doors and windows inside and outside. Pests such as spiders and cockroaches hide in the clutter so they can have easier access to the home. Always limit the areas in which these pests can hide.

Check Under the Sink

Since they need water to live, you also want to make sure to check regularly under your sink and around the drains because pests love hiding in these areas. Always give these areas a good cleaning, declutter when you can, and make sure there are no leaks that need to be addressed.

Seal Cracks

You should also check around the home and property and fix and seal any cracks or crevices there may be. This can prove to be a big help when it comes to pest management. Cracks along the windows and doors and holes in window screens should also be fixed to help ward off pests.

If you follow these pest management tips and include them in your spring cleaning checklist, you will find it much easier to handle the prevention of pests during spring in Maryland.

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