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Six Signs It Is Time To Call A Pest Control Service

Six Signs It Is Time To Call A Pest Control ServiceTypically, people call us when they’ve sighted a pest in their home. However, pest problems are not always as obvious. Many times, homeowners may have a full infestation without ever seeing an animal or a bug on their property. In order to help prevent pest problems, it is important that homeowners understand the signs. Here are six signs to keep your eye out for in your home:

• Mysterious Property Damage: Have you noticed holes, gnawed wood, or even small piles of dust or debris? A sure sign of pests is property damage around your home. Termites leave tunnels, rodents chew walls, and other bugs like silverfish can eat fabrics and papers around your home. If you have noticed property damage, you need to call a pest control service.

• Scratching Sounds: Scratching sounds coming from your walls, attic, or floor is another sign of pests. Typically scratching sounds are made by rodents like rats, mice, and even raccoons. If you start hearing scratching, it’s time to call a pest control service to inspect your home.

• Stains: Pests leave all kinds of stains around your home. Rats and mice can leave grease marks along your walls. Also, they can leave small piles of droppings in a range of colors. The same with bugs. Bed bugs, roaches, and ticks can leave black, brown, and red droppings. If you notice any of these mysterious stains, you probably have a pest infestation.

Unusual Smells: If your home has developed an unusual smell, whether it is an ammonia-like smell, an oily smell, or a musty smell, you may have a pest. Pests create a lot of smells from their nests to their urine and feces. If you started noticing a new smell, you may have an infestation in your home and need the help of a pest control service.

Allergies And Illness: Pests can trigger a range of health issues including allergies, bacterial and viral infections, and even serious illnesses like Lyme disease. If you find that you are suddenly getting sick more often than usual, you may have a pest issue in your home.

Electrical Issues: Rats, mice, and other rodents that enter your home are known for chewing on electrical wires. In fact, this chewing can even cause house fires. So if you notice anything unusual with your electrical like power fading in and out, you may have a pest in your walls.

If you notice any of these signs in your Maryland home, you need to call the experts at BUGOUT Termite & Pest Control. We’ll assess your home, get rid of any pests, and make sure they never come back. Contact us today to learn more!

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