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Do You Know What The Common Signs Of Bed Bugs Are?

Do You Know What The Common Signs Of Bed Bugs Are?There’s a misconception that some people have that you only have to worry about bed bugs if you and your family have traveled somewhere. Unfortunately, in today’s highly mobile world, that’s no longer really the case. You can pick up bed bugs from friends at work who have traveled, or even people in public transportation like buses and trains. But if you’ve brought bed bugs home, how will you know? Let’s review the big indicators.


You Have Bites


Bed bug bites are similar to mosquito bites, so if you’re waking up and finding that you’ve got bites—especially in the winter months like now—that’s a big hint. It’s important to remember, however, that not everyone is going to react strongly, or feel the bites of bed bugs even if they get them, so it never hurts to actually check yourself or other family members to see if they have bite marks they’re unaware of.


Blood Stains


If bed bugs are feeding on you, or your pets, they’re not the neatest eaters. So if you carefully examine your bed sheets and pillows, or the area where your pets sleep, and find small blood stains dotting the area, this is another hint that you may have unwelcome visitors.


Fecal Spots


This one is very upsetting to some, but since bed bugs are living organisms, they still need to get rid of waste. So in the same way that they may leave tiny blood stains after feeding, they may also leave trace remains of their fecal matter as they move to and from their feeding grounds, namely you. In other words, closely examine your bed sheets for tiny stains of any sort.

If you have bed bugs, this can be a real challenge to deal with. Do it the right way, and have the professionals like us to come in and provide real solutions.

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