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Should You Try To Take Down A Hive Yourself?

Should You Try To Take Down A Hive Yourself?If you find that a bee hive, hornet or wasp nest has built up somewhere around your home, your first instinct is that you want to get rid of it. This is understandable, especially with wasp/hornet nests, since these insects can be especially aggressive and cause a lot of harm.

But then the question becomes exactly how should you try to get rid of a hive or a nest? Of course, there’s the professional method, which is always recommended if you want something done safely. But what if you want to do it yourself? Can you? Is this safe?


The Sting Consideration


The first thing you need to do before you take any action to get rid of a hive or nest yourself is check for allergies to stings either in yourself, or family members. If you’re doing this while neighbors are in the area, you may need to check them for safety considerations as well. Anyone without proper protection if you attempt to take down a nest is likely to get stung once the insects act to defend themselves, and if there is an allergic reaction, it could be lethal without treatment.


Get Protection


You should also make sure that you wear as much protective clothing as you can. Hive-based insects are extremely protective their nest or hive and when they perceive it is under threat, they will be unrelenting in their attack. If you have any exposed skin anywhere, you’re likely to get stung, so you must prepare for this.


Be Careful With Insecticides


Even if you decide to resort to “chemical warfare” and extensively rely on a store bought pesticide, you’ll need to take precautions. These pesticides do not work instantaneously, so you can still expect resistance. More importantly, you’ll require a LOT of it, so it will make the area unsafe for breathing! Be absolutely sure you’re prepared to deal with all this if you decide to take down a nest yourself.

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