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Should I Be Worried About An Old House Borer Infestation?

Should I Be Worried About An Old House Borer Infestation?Maryland residents have a lot of pests to be concerned about entering their home. Across Baltimore County, there are widespread infestations of bed bugs, cockroaches, and termites. One of these damaging pests is often overlooked, the old house borer. These wood-eating beetles can cause Baltimore County homeowners just as many problems as the more known pests. So it is extremely important that you understand what these pests are and how they can damage your home.

What Is An Old House Borer?

An old house borer is a type of wood-infesting beetle. They are grey black or dark brown with thin white fur along their bodies. Their bodies are flat and range in size from ⅝ to a little over 1 inch in length. They have long antennae and in general look like a common beetle. They are very prevalent in Maryland and can cause a lot of damage because they eat wood.

How Does An Old House Borer Enter Your Baltimore County Home?

Old house borers enter your home through the wood that makes up your framework, cabinetry, and flooring. Females old home borers lay their eggs in the cracks of freshly cut wood, typically in lumbar yards. They prefer softwoods like spruce, pine, and fir, which are often used in home construction.

How Do You Identify An Old House Borer?

The infestation is very hard to identify because they tend to be localized in a few boards within the home. The other reason infestations are hard to identify is that the larvae can live in the boards for up to 15 years before becoming adult beetles. This is where they get their name from. Even though they may be present in new construction, they often do not appear until the house is “old.” This makes it nearly impossible for inspectors to see them in homes until it is too late.

How Severe Is The Damage From An Old Home Borer?

Once grown, old house borers will eat through the wood in your home. Fortunately, the damage is often limited to one area. However, if that area is vital to the structural integrity of your home, you could be in for some serious trouble. Another issue is if the first generation is able to eat through your home before you administer an old house borer treatment, they will move to another section of wood and start the cycle all over again. In a few decades, they can cause the same amount of damage as termites.

If you suspect that you have old home borers, you will need to speak with an expert exterminator who can administer an old house borer treatment immediately. At BUGOUT Termite & Pest Control, our experts know exactly what to do about an old house borer infestation. Call us to learn about the signs of an infestation and for a free estimate of treatment.

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