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Setting Mousetraps And Finding Rodent Control Service For Your Maryland Home

Setting Mousetraps And Finding Rodent Control Service For Your Maryland HomeWhen you are faced with a rodent infestation in the home or on your property, then you are probably on pins and needles as you find the best ways to get them out. Today we will go over setting mousetraps and finding rodent control service that works for your Maryland home.

Approaching Rodent Control

There are several steps that should be followed when it comes to getting rid of mice and rats and keeping them out.

The first step is the initial inspection. Have your rodent control service come to the home. They will then go through with a thorough inspection of the home and property both inside and out to find where the rodents may be gaining access to the home.

The next step is to seal off any entry points there are. So, if there are any cracks or holes, these need to be fixed immediately. You can use a variety of materials for this job, including caulk, copper wire mesh, and expanding foam.

After this, the rodent control service will install a rodent bait station and go over an effective treatment plan with you to get rid of the rodents and prevent any future infestations.

Setting Mousetraps

If you are waiting on the rodent control service to get to you, then you may want to try setting a mousetrap in the meantime. You can easily set a snap trap yourself and use peanut butter and oatmeal as the bait. Mice are attracted to the high-protein, oily bait, and the smell of the peanut butter and oatmeal will be irresistible.

Avoid Using Poison

When trying to catch rodents yourself, you want to stay clear of poisonous bait because it can end up just causing more problems. The rodents will ingest the poison, for example, and will take it back to their nest where they will die. You don’t want dead rodents in your walls where you can’t get to them.

Instead of snap traps, you can also use glue boards and other sticky traps, live traps, scent repellents, and ultrasonic sound repellents. However, before doing anything, it may be best to consult with your local pest control company to find the right methods to use to keep them out of your home.

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