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Rising Flood Waters Might Leave You In Need Of General Pest Control

First off, let us start out by saying that our thoughts and prayers go out to the Texas residents dealing with the destruction left behind by Hurricane Harvey. A brief glance at the news or social media over the past week has shown the devastating impact that rising water can have on communities. Although this recent horrible act of mother nature does not necessarily affect Glen Burnie, or other areas of Maryland directly, it does show us how vulnerable any location can become.

Just like with humans, pests search, climb, and work their way into buildings in an attempt to find dry land. The possibilities are endless as rats, mice, spiders, and various other invaders are looking for a way to survive. The problem may not present itself at first, only because you are trying to cope with everything else that is going on, but soon after the water begins to recede, lone bugs or infestations become noticeable.

General Pest Control And Specialized Programs

Our team offers general pest control service, and specialized extermination programs to better serve your needs. We know the ins and outs of Maryland insects, rodents, and other pests, which helps us eliminate the nuisances from your residency quickly. Leaving the populations to roam free is just asking for trouble in the long run. Health and safety issues become a concern because many of these species carry diseases, which then become transmitted to humans and pets by bites, stings, or even food contamination.

Not all spiders are venomous, nor do all of them pose a danger to people. Many individuals fear the creatures due to the complications that a black widow or brown recluse bite can have on one’s health. Don’t let yourself become afraid of opening cabinet doors, going into the basement, or just walking from room to room. Let our professional and knowledgeable team exterminate the pests from the premises and teach you valuable preventative tips to keep them away.

Any time waters start rising fire ants become a concern. The colonies form into balls with the bottom members sacrificing themselves for the greater good of the community. They inflict painful and itchy bites to protect themselves and leave behind a puss-filled blister that poses a problem to the victim for multiple days afterward. If they happen to float into your home along the way, they can quickly form a new colony inside of walls, or in another location. Watch for live ants crawling along baseboards, in cabinets, and around bathtubs or toilets. Many traps, poisons, and other remedies are available to homeowners, but often general pest control service by a professional exterminator is required to eliminate the pests for good.

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