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Rid Your Place Of Rats And Mice With Our Pest Control Service

Rid Your Place Of Rats And Mice With Our Pest Control ServiceMany people consider mice and rats to be one and the same. However, these pests have distinct differences. For example, mice are much smaller than rats. Also, a mouse has a long, thin, and hairy tail while a rat has a thick, hairless, and scaly looking tail. Plus, mice have triangular shaped noses and large, floppy ears. Meanwhile, rats have a blunt snout and smaller ears. In many instances, these rodents stay outdoors, but it is not entirely unheard of for them to move indoors, especially during the fall. 

The nuisances do not typically need a water source as they get the majority of the moisture they need from their food. Mice feed on various foods including but not limited to sugary products, seeds, and grains. They nibble on one food source to the next leaving damage behind in their path. These creatures contaminate the items with feces and urine. Additionally, mice and rats carry diseases such as…

  • Leptospirosis
  • Lymphocytic Chorio-Meningitis
  • Rat-Bite Fever
  • Salmonellosis
  • Tularemia

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Service Is Not For Everybody

So, it is not a good idea to let these rodents live with you. They can affect your health and well-being as well as that of your family members. There are various ways to rid mice and rats from the premises. For instance, people can purchase traps, poisons, and more from retailers to deal with the situation. Of course, not everyone wants to handle the matter on their own.

If you live in Maryland and are one of those people, don’t fret. Our pest control service is here to help. We have been serving the extermination needs of residents in Glen Burnie, Baltimore, and other surrounding locations since 1988. In other words, the team has the experience and know-how to eradicate the menaces quickly.

Just pick up the phone and call 410-760-6065 for your free consultation today. What do persons get from contacting us? Residents gain local, friendly, and professional pest control service that they can count on. They also don’t have to worry about term commitments to get assistance. Plus, we offer focused extermination programs for rodents and insects that are found in the area. So, don’t let pests become a part of daily routine. Instead, call us to get the help that you deserve.

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