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Rats vs Mice In Your Home

 Rats vs Mice In Your HomeMost of the time if you find out you have rodents in your home, the immediate reaction is to start laying out traps and trying to get rid of them. But whether you have rats, versus whether you have mice in your home can mean very different things for how you—or a professional—is going to go about treating this pest problem.

What’s the difference between having a mouse or a rat in your home? Is it possible to find out before checking a trap to see what you’ve caught?


Dropping Differences


If you haven’t yet seen any rodents in your home, but suspect they are there, you’re probably noticing droppings. It bears repeating that whether it’s a rat or a mouse, rodent droppings can be extremely virulent, so never touch rodent remains with exposed skin. Always wear gloves when cleaning out rodent droppings. Where you find rodent droppings may be an indicator of what kind of animal is in the home.

If you find droppings at intervals, and it is smaller and more frequent, this is likely to be a mouse. Rats will not be as frequent with their droppings as mice. Their droppings will also be bigger and rounder.


Behavioral Differences


Both rats and mice will try to stay out of the way of people. However, mice tend to be more curious than rats. This can work to your benefit, especially when it comes to laying out traps. Mice, in this regard, are easier to catch, because often, once you know where the mice travel in a home, laying a trap directly in their path usually gets quick results.

Rats, on the other hand, are much more suspicious of new things. If you lay out a trap where you suspect a rodent is, and there’s no response, you could very well have a rat. It is only after a few days of cautiously investigating something, making absolutely sure it is safe, that a rat will finally fall for a trap. That’s why it’s important to lay out empty traps for rats, and let them get used to it before finally taking action.


Daily Behavior


One thing you should not be seeing for either a rat or a mouse, is activity during the day if the infestation is small. If there are a lot of rodents in your home, that will force them to be active and explore even during the day, so as to avoid crowding, and that means you’ve got a big problem.

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