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How Do Rats Survive In Your Sewer & Toilet?

exterminate pestsUnfortunately, one of the more nightmarish scenarios that we think can only happen in horror movies actually has a basis in fact for just about any home in America. It’s not just technically feasible for a rat to enter your home through the toilet; in some cases, they have plenty of good reasons for doing so. But what are these reasons, why would rats do this?


A Source Of Food


Everything goes through your sewer pipe; the water used doing laundry, the water that comes from you taking a shower, the waste that comes from flushing a toilet, and even the waste from your sink if you have a garbage disposal unit. This means that, depending on the situation, that combination of warm water and bits and pieces of food can encourage rats to think of your sewage pipe as a reliable survival point. In some cases, they may decide to go straight to the source, and can actually climb all the way up to a toilet sewage pipe, and then swim through the rest of the way to emerge in the toilet bowl itself, ready to look for the source of all that food.

But even if you don’t have a garbage disposal, or are very careful to not wash down large amounts of food, rats may still view your sewage pipe as a reliable source of food. But how? Unfortunately, the answer may make you a little queasy. Depending on how desperate rats are, they can get their food from a variety of sources. This includes the undigested food that may still be present in the feces of pets and humans.

So while it is disgusting to us, sewers can sometime present both a reliable source of food to rats, and even a way for them to gain entry into a home. But it all depends on how tempting a target you make your home.

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