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Raccoons Are Unwelcome Guests

Raccoons Are Unwelcome GuestsThey might look cute with their bushy tails and black eye masks, but if you’ve ever seen a raccoon string your garbage from one end of the driveway out into the road, they’re far from adorable. And if they decide to make a winter home inside your attic? The result can be ugly.

Raccoons have adapted from the wild to suburbia over the years. They don’t move into your attic to cause damage; they just want a warm place to stay. It’s their natural actions, however, that can cause destruction. They are excellent climbers and can rip through your shingles, or other common access points on your roof, to gain access to your warm and safe attic. Aside from the damage they can cause to your home as they rip things apart to gain entry, some of the destruction that raccoons can cause indoors includes:

• Crushing your insulation by walking around and nesting in it. This can reduce insulation efficiency.
• Chewing through your wiring, creating fire hazards and costly repairs.
• Tearing apart your heating and cooling ducts, reducing the effectiveness of your HVAC system.
• Soiling wood, insulation, and ductwork with their urine and feces.

Raccoons can also carry these nasty diseases that pose serious health risks to humans:

• Rabies can infect a person or pet through saliva from a bite or scratch.
• Salmonella is found in feces and can infect a human through ingestion. This can happen when an infected area is touched and hands are not properly cleaned before a meal.
• Roundworms are parasites that many raccoons carry. They can be found in the feces and transmitted to humans and pets, causing serious problems.
• Leptospirosis is a bacteria that is spread through raccoon urine and can infect drinking water, making humans very sick.

If you think that you have raccoons hunkering down in your Glen Burnie home, you’ll need to have them removed as quickly as possible. A raccoon is no match for the professionals at Bugout. We’ll find out where they’re nesting and get them out of your attic before more damage can be done. If you think that you have an unwanted, masked creature hanging around your home, contact us today.

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