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Protecting Your Four Legged Friends from Ticks

Glen Burnie Exterminate Ticks - Protecting Your Four Legged FriendsWhen it comes to our four-legged friends, fleas and ticks are two of the more common pests we will find ourselves dealing with at some point or another. While they may be annoying pests, we also need to understand that they can cause our four-legged friends a good deal of discomfort, and they can effectively spread disease.

Flea and tick problems also often increase during the spring and summer months; however, they can happen at any time of the year, so diligence is key to protecting our pets and keeping them safe from ticks.

Flea Control Products

The first thing you can do to help protect your pets against ticks this season is to use one of the many different types of flea control products that are currently on the market. Always select one that is appropriate for your pet’s needs and size. You can also opt for more natural treatment options in Glen Burnie to exterminate ticks like using vinegar rinses. These rinses have been shown to be very effective at preventing infestations.

Create a Safe Area Outdoors

Since our pets love to play outdoors, it is important that we keep them away from areas that often attract ticks. The area in which your pet plays should be free of any debris and shrubbery, and it never hurts to treat your yard in Glen Burnie to exterminate ticks in your pet’s play area.

Check Your Pets

Another way to protect your pets is by checking them when they come back indoors. Even one tick on your pet can quickly reproduce and cause more serious problems. Check your pets regularly and use a comb to brush them down after being outdoors. If you find a tick upon your inspection, remove it very carefully using tweezers or some other helpful tick removal tool.

When you can prevent tick bites, you can keep your pet much safer. In addition, you also have to be mindful of your pet’s play area and maintain a regular lawn maintenance schedule to keep the property as safe and tick free as possible for your furry friends.

If you need more help in Glen Burnie to exterminate ticks, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals to help you out.

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