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Protecting Your Maryland Home From Destructive Termites

Protecting Your Maryland Home From Destructive TermitesIt’s no secret that termites are some of the most destructive insects on the face of the Earth, causing millions of dollars in damages to commercial as well as residential structures. In fact, they cause more damage to homes than house fires do. Termites are referred to as “silent destroyers” because you don’t realize that they are living in your home and yard preying on the wood that it is constructed from. More importantly, it is unwise to leave your most prized investment unprotected and trying to treat the problem with OTC products.

The key to effective termite control is relying on a reputable and trusted pest control service rather than attempting to address the problem yourself. Since 1988, BUGOUT Termite and Pest Control, Inc. have been helping homeowners in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Howard Counties get rid of these destructive pests and halt their damaging behavior in the process. We commonly treat termite problems with Termidor®, one of the most effective products in the pest control industry.

Termidor® is an extremely powerful solution that is difficult to detect, so it is impossible for termites to avoid coming into contact with it. However, once they have the chemical on their bodies, they unknowingly carry back into the nest where it inflicts further damage, eventually wiping out the entire colony. The efficacy of the chemical is attributed to its amazing ability to rapidly spread throughout a termite colony and destroy it. According to U.S. Department of Agriculture field tests, 8 to 10 years may pass before any re-infestation occurs.

BUGOUT Termite and Pest Control, Inc. uses Termidor® not only because it is undetectable by termites but also because it is odorless and homeowners won’t notice it either. There are 4 aspects to the problem and 2 types of solutions.

The Problem:

  • Be aware that homeowner’s insurance may or may not cover any damage caused by termites, so you should consult with your agent to find out if they will pay for any necessary repairs. If they don’t, the out-of-pocket repair costs could be excessive.
  • It could be difficult to sell your home if the value of it is depressed as a result of structural termite damage.
  • Severe structural damage is inevitable if the problem is left unchecked and untreated.
  • Termites wreak havoc in the counties mentioned above. We have helped homeowners with this problem in a number of cities including Annapolis, Arnold, Baltimore, Bowie, Catonsville, Columbia, Glen Burnie, Pasadena, and Severna Park.

The 2 Solutions:

  • Control – if termites are already present and causing structural damage, we will rid you of the problem.
  • Prevention – our termite treatment will ensure that these pests will not enter your home again for up to several years.

If you suspect that termites may be damaging your home’s infrastructure, you need to act on this immediately to avoid further, more costly damage. Contact BUGOUT Termite and Pest Control, Inc. today so that we can schedule an appointment to inspect your home. We will be able to recommend the proper treatment and provide you with an estimate.

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