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Protect Your Investment With Professional, Proven Termite Control

Protect Your Investment With Professional, Proven Termite ControlWhen people decide to invest in a home, it is a huge decision, one which is not taken lightly, as there is a lot of money at stake. Persons often spend anywhere between 15 and 30-years paying for the property. Not to mention, they must purchase insurance as well. Plus, homeowners have to keep up with repairs and maintenance, or the structure may wind up crumbling right before their very eyes. Hence, that is why many individuals go into panic mode upon seeing termites at their home.

Perhaps, The Flying Insects Are Merely Ants

It is not uncommon for people to mistake flying ants for termites. After all, the nuisances are small, pesky, and not everybody knows the difference between the two. However, correctly identifying the pests can save you grief, anxiety, and stress in the long run. So, curious Maryland residents should stay put and read on to learn about several flying ant and termite characteristics that will make identification a cinch.

If winged termites, also known as swarmers are part of the equation, they will have two pairs of wings that are of an equal length. Flying ants have two sets of wings as well, but they are not equal in length. Also, if Maryland homeowners are examining the creatures closely, they will notice that flying ants have elbowed antennae. On the other hand, termites have straight antennae. Additionally, termites have thick waists while those of the flying ants are thin.

Maryland residents should not fret if they don’t want to get up close and personal with these creatures. Instead, they should contact our office for a free consultation. Then, if needed, our representatives will provide them with professional termite control. The team has been proudly serving citizens of Glen Burnie and surrounding areas since 1988. They will be more than happy to do the same for you. So, don’t delay any longer. Pick up the phone and get professional termite control that you deserve today.

Don’t Allow These Pests To Eat You Out Of House And Home

In many cases, people do not even realize that they have a termite infestation. Why? Well, the termites that call Maryland home are of the subterranean variety. That is they travel from place to place underground. The workers are a creamy, white shade and are very seldom seen. If they are feasting on structural wood for years without anyone being the wiser, the insects can cause quite a bit of damage. Damage that is expensive to repair. Termite control can be accomplished through baits and pesticide barriers. So, don’t let the pests destroy your home. Rather, allow our team to help.

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