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Professional & Store Bought Pesticides: What’s The Difference?

Professional & Store Bought Pesticides: What’s The Difference?When you decide that a pest problem is serious enough that it’s time to bring in the professionals, you’re making a decision that secures the safety, convenience and peace of mind of your family. But what is it about professional pesticide experts that makes them different? After all, an insect isn’t particularly hard to get rid of, people do it all the time. So why is it that sometimes, even when you go to the store for a can of insecticide, it’s not getting the same results as professionals with their pesticides? What do we use that you don’t?


A Question Of Potency


For one thing, there are limits to what a general consumer is allowed to buy without any kind of special permit. In the same way that an average person off the street can’t just go into a store and buy formulas for cancer treatment off the shelf, along with a six pack of beer, the highest grade, most lethal pesticides are not available to general consumers.

Average Americans can certainly go into any store and buy recognizable brands like Raid© or any number of “roach motels.” And these can be very effective in the early stages of an insect infestation. Properly used, they may be enough to head a bug problem off at the pass, and you won’t need professionals to step in. But even these substances, as effective as they are, are not “maxed out” to be as lethal as possible. Partly that is for safety concerns, partly it is for crime prevention, since powerful substances can always be abused in other ways, such as poisoning others.


Industrial Strength


Licensed professionals have access to much more powerful pesticides. These are incredibly potent and, depending on how they need to be dispersed, may even require residents and animals be removed from a home while the application occurs.

In addition to being much more powerful, they are also active for a much longer period of time. Professional grade pesticides, properly applied may be effective for months, requiring only a “refresh” once or twice a year. Store bought products will usually disperse and lose effectiveness within hours or days.




Lastly, professionals will distribute and apply pesticides in ways that an amateur can’t. While it’s true that some spray cans may now come with a tube attached to get to narrower spaces, professionals have a huge array of delivery methods that are far more effective.

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