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Preventing Pantry Pests In Your Dry Goods


Preventing Pantry Pests In Your Dry GoodsAs residents of Maryland slowly glide into the fall, cooler temps mean more inspiration to bake. After all, who can watch the Ravens without a batch of brownies for game day? But the last thing you want to find when you grab your flour is a pantry pest.

Dry Good Destroyers

Pantry pests refer to the little insects that are drawn to the food items and dry goods that you store in your pantry or cupboards, such as cereal, rice, flour, sugar, dried fruits, and nuts. Pantry pests can include the common ant, but also various species of beetle, earwigs, pill bugs, and grain weevils. Though they won’t bite you or eat through your foundation, pantry pests are pretty annoying–and just plain gross.

There are several ways you can protect your pantry from infestation, including:

• Inspect packages before you buy them. Before you purchase dry goods in a plastic, paper, or cardboard container, take a look to make sure the package is properly sealed. If you see a hole, tear, or any type of damage to your package, don’t buy it.

• Check dates. Though many dates on dry goods are to indicate freshness levels, you should still abide by them. Flour can’t really spoil, but it can attract pests if it sits on the shelf or in your pantry way past the best-by-date.

• Purchase good storage containers. Invest in plastic containers with secure lids, like Tupperware or Rubbermaid. Good containers will protect food by keeping the pests out and the freshness in. Bonus: Storage containers can organize your pantry beautifully.

• Bring in the bay leaves. It may seem like an old wives tale, but most pantry pests are offended by the strong smell of bay leaf. Placing them around the pantry or in your dry good canisters can repel many of the most annoying critters.

• Seal up the cracks. Inspect your cupboards and pantry for cracks or holes where pests can enter and seal them up. If you have leaking pipes or high moisture areas, use a dehumidifier to dry things up.

• Keep things clean. Periodically empty your cupboards and wipe down the shelves with soap and water. Be sure to clean up spills and crumbs from countertops, tables, and floors immediately. And take out the garbage as soon as it’s full.

Bring In Some Help

You can do your very best and still run into pantry pests that just won’t go away. That’s when you want to call in the people who can get rid of them fast. We’ve been removing pests in the Baltimore County area since 1988, and we know how to get your cupboards clean. Give us a call to send pantry pests packing before you make your next batch of brownies.

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