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Preparing Your Home For Bed Bug Treatment

Preparing Your Home For Bed Bug TreatmentBed bugs are parasites that feed exclusively on blood. If you find that you are enduring more than uncomfortable nights and have found small, red, itchy bites all over your body, then you may have bed bugs.

Bed bugs tend to go for uncovered skin, typically the arms and shoulders You may also smell a very unpleasant and musty odor, very similar to the smell of a wet towel. This is a common symptom of bed bugs as well.

If you have noticed any of this evidence of bed bugs, it is time to get a pest control company to come in and remedy the situation. Before your bed bug treatment, however, there are a few things you need to do in the home:

Remove all Bedding

The first thing you want to do is remove all the bedding from all the mattresses and gather up all the linen such as blankets, clothing, and other textiles from all the living spaces in the home. Even if you have blankets or textile in a closet or other form of storage, you will still want to gather it all for washing. When washing, use hot water and then dry everything in the dryer for some more heat.

After Washing

After everything is washed and clean, begin to sort everything out into bags or bins for storage. You will then seal as many of the blankets and linens away as you can to deter bed bugs from finding solace in them again. Then empty all the closets in the rooms you found bed bugs or where the linens had been stored in the home.

A Few More Steps

Make sure you then unplug all your electrical devices in the room that the pest control company will be working in to eliminate the bed bugs. Once this is done, vacuum all the soft surfaces throughout the home including the couch cushions.

You will also want to empty drawers or bookshelves and anywhere else the bed bugs may go to hide. If you have a bed or couch that is set against the wall, you will need to pull it away from the wall before the technicians arrive as well.

After Bed Bug Treatment

Following treatment, you need to seal your mattress and pillows and follow all of the instructions provided to you by the pest control company. Typically, bed bugs will require more than one visit and this second visit will usually come two to three weeks after the initial treatment has been done.

To get your bed bug treatment started, contact your local pest control company today to discuss your options.

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