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Preparing For Mosquito Season In Maryland

Glen Burnie Mosquito Control - Preparing For Mosquito SeasonWhile the peak of mosquito season in Maryland is during the summertime, you can still experience these annoying pests during the spring as well. To properly protect yourself and your family from these potentially dangerous pests, you need to learn all you can about mosquitoes in Maryland, including how Glen Burnie mosquito control can help rid your property of its mosquito infestation.

Where They Thrive

Mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water conditions. This is where they choose to lay their eggs and breed. Moist and shaded areas are the most ideal, so to rid your property of these pests, you need to eliminate these areas.

With spring, we also see warmer weather that brings an influx of heavy rains, and this can contribute to the increased mosquito population in your area as well.

Preparing for Mosquito Season

To prepare for mosquito season in Maryland, there are several prevention tips you can try on your property. However, in addition to these prevention tips, you will still want to call in Glen Burnie mosquito control for even more help.

Eliminate Standing Water

Because of all the rain showers spring brings, you need to stay on top of your yard and not allow any standing water to start to build up. This includes checking your trash can lids, any plastic sheeting you have, kiddie pools, birdbaths, and even flower pots. If you have any leaking spigots, these should be repaired as soon as possible as well.

Clean the Gutters

You should also keep your gutters and drains clear so they remain free-flowing and do not start building up stagnant water. Mosquitoes are able to lay their eggs in just a small bottle cap full of water, remember this as you inspect your property.

Maintain the Yard

A well-maintained yard is another great way to prepare for mosquito season. If you have dips in the yard that can collect rainwater, consider filling them. If you have a pond, you may also want to consider installing internal bubblers to keep the water from turning stagnant.

Call A Professional Glen Burnie Mosquito Control Service

Finally, as already mentioned, it never hurts to call in Glen Burnie mosquito control to help you prevent a mosquito infestation. They can help guide you through different control methods as well while evaluating the mosquito problem and tailoring solutions that are customized according to your needs.

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