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Pets Are Not Always The Best Choice For Keeping Pest Populations At Bay

It would be a lie to say that dogs, cats, and some other animals are not good at catching rodents, insects, and nuisances. Anyone that owns a pet, along with a doggy door, can attest to this statement. Stories of companions bringing in lizards, frogs, moles, and different pests are not uncommon. Sometimes household pets act in this way out of love, so it is hard to get mad at them, even when they dump it right by your side on the couch. However, the whole point is to remove the pest from the inside of the home, not bring more in from the outside, so instead, turn to a professional exterminator as a reliable solution for these matters.

While canines, felines, and different species have the uncanny ability to heal miraculously after venom courses through their veins, painful wounds and diseases can still be passed along to them. In many cases, rabies is a real possibility, which on occasion, has adverse side-effects and deadly consequences. It is in these animals nature to protect owners, and it is not always possible to prevent them from going on the hunt. Making an effort to do so, may be beneficial when it comes to your veterinarian budget though.

Rats and mice can multiply quickly, and if your pet is not able to find the nest, the problem is only going to get worse. We have been helping residents of Glen Burnie, Baltimore City, and multiple other counties eliminate these pests for years, and our team is prepared to do the same for you. Rodents can take food off of your family’s plate by nibbling from one food source to the next in cabinets and pantries. After ripping open bags, or chewing through containers, mice walk through the foods, with the same feet that they use to trample through feces. These actions lead to harmful bacteria and germs being present in the home, which cause loved ones to become sick.

Poisons are available for attempting your own exterminations, but extra care should be taken to read the application instructions in their entirety, before purchase or use. After all, there is nothing wrong with saving a buck, but the method needs to be safe for pets and humans. Traps of various styles are also available. These items need to be set in a way that will not cause injury to people or animals. Don’t become stressed out with pest control efforts, and just know that professional help is closer than you think.

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