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Pests Don’t Rest During A Crofton, MD Winter

Pests Don’t Rest During A Crofton, MD WinterYou might think that a cold winter gives you a chance to stop worrying about mosquitoes, ticks, termites, and other pests. To some extent you’re right: many insects and other species enter a hibernation state when the temperature drops and don’t go active until the following spring. However, not every pest animal hibernates, and many that would still be a problem if they already infest your residence. In fact, there are several reasons why you might call for a pest control service in Crofton, Maryland.

1. Not All Pests Hibernate

While mosquitoes and most other flying insects go quiet during winter, the category “pests” includes a lot of crawling insects, arachnids, and mammals. For instance, termites don’t spend as much energy or wander as far from their nests during winter, but they still forage for food and can damage your house throughout the cold months. Arachnids are generally tougher than insects, and ticks can look for hosts for as long as the temperature is above freezing. Rats, mice, and other mammals don’t hibernate at all, and if anything winter makes them look harder and burrow deeper into walls to look for warm spaces and food.

2. Maryland Winters Are Mild

Another reason why Crofton residents have to think about winter infestations is because central Maryland doesn’t have severe winters. While you can see snowfall and snow accumulation, it doesn’t build up as far as it does farther north, and the ground freeze doesn’t go as deep. This means more pest species can thrive in the local climate, and they can stay active for more of the year.

3. Houses Are Warm

Pests that are already inside your home often don’t have to care about the time of year. People keep their homes warm throughout the year, and so the pests inside your rooms and walls get to enjoy that heat. Hibernation and low activity happen when the temperature drops, and so if an insect never notices the temperature fall far enough it won’t hibernate even if it normally would.

Because of these reasons, don’t be shocked if you find evidence of an infestation during a Crofton January or February. Instead, call Bugout to handle your pest control service in Crofton. We’ll identify what’s causing the problem and deal with it, and we’ll do it even if the temperature is well below freezing.

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